Jaeter Corporation - Jaeter Corp for Fuel Direct

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Mr. James Egge uses his training company (Jaeter) to misrepresent Fuel fuel direct product results.

In Egge's own fuel direct blogspot he makes the CLAIM he saved $1200 per vehicle per the fiscal year in his own household. Even quotes consistently scripture while he does it ! Let us hear the truth about James Egge's LIES -

As fiscal year involves 12 months. In the 12 month window , Egge had his SOLE VEHICLE taken by the bank who held the loan. It is time to change your deceptive practices

James Egge! Feel free to present another lie to the Attorney General's Office who has this on permanent record.

Anyone who feels misled by Jaeter Corp, stand up and tell the truth as James Egge may have induced you into purchasing a Fuel Direct mlm packages.

Praise God in the Most High!!!

Review about: Fuel Direct Additive.

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